Crushing on your ”best friends” boyfriend/man….ehh????

A lot of times we find ourselves lusting for that one man we can’t really get, lets face it either he’s already married or committed to your bestie. He’s ohh! sooo cute, smart, witty, and brainy but certainly not the best situation you would want to land in.

If you are drooling over him and can’t get your eyes off him then here are a few situations you would definitely relate to….



  1. You certainly look for opportunities to meet him even if that calls in for being labeled as a ”pile on”.
  1. Whenever your bestie is on romantic candle light dates, you ”accidentally” bump into them and create situations wherein they are forced to invite you to join them.
  1. Your bestie is on call with him and you make sure your background sounds are audible enough. Who knows he might just say ”apni friend se baat karvao”.


  1. You make sure you are ”dressed to kill” when he is around, after all he needs to see how stunning you can look and you never know he might just change his mind…..
  2. When your bestie brings up the topic of how he pampers her and the amazing gifts he’s been showering her with, all you want to do is smother her with the pillow or stuff a piece of cloth in her mouth so that the jealousy doesn’t kill you.


  1. You become super moody because the guilt of crushing on your soul mates man is not the best feeling ever!!
  1. Every time you think of telling your buddy that you are truly, madly, deeply in love with her man, your knees become jelly and lips get sealed.
  1. You know that she is the best flower in your garden of friendship so no man can ever be the reason enough for your parting ways with her.

We can never forget what’s truly said ”best friends before boyfriends”… obviously doesn’t mean if you can’t get him the world comes to a halt. Widen your horizons…your prince charming awaits you.

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