Some Words That We Most Pronounce Incorrectly

Picture this…You meet this really amazing girl who is dressed up to kill and her beauty attracts you no end but just when you strike a conversation with her and you hear her pronounce lingerie as lin-ger-ri  and the brand Dior as dai-er. Kills almost everything you felt for her right??
Most of us make these mistakes since we have pronounced a lot of words wrong since day one. So to make sure that you don’t put yourself in an embarrassing spot ever again, go ahead give this word list a good read and absorb them well and every time you use the words in this list correctly do think about us 😉

touche 1

tete a tete 1

cliche 1

jalapeno 1

deutsche 1

chowmein 1

chopsuey 1

merci 1

crochet 1

mascarpone 1

mont blanc 1


gateau 1

au revoir 1

nougat 1

quesadilla 1

taco 1

bon voyage 1


chic 1

hors 1

chauffeur 1

niche 1

chateau 1

haute couture 1

rendevous 1

beau1 faux pas 1

grand prix 1

mozarella 1


hummus 1

croissant 1

potpourri 1 bruchetta 1

buffet 1

entourage 1

faux 1

borgues 1

lasagne 1

bolognese 1


boudour 1


Wrongly Pronounced Words

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