Soon You Could Drive From Europe To USA

Russia proposes Hi- speed rail and road link to connect to US. The idea, dubbed the Trans Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR) will connect North America with Russia via its far eastern Chukotka region, across the Bering Strait and into Alaska’s Seward Peninsula. This would reportedly cost trillions of dollars.


This is how it could pan out:
1) The road would likely enter Alaska some distance north at the Town of Nome.
2) TEPR report doesn’t mention how the drivers will cover the ocean gap between Siberia and Alaska.
3) Shortest distance between Siberia and Alaska is 88 km. A theoretical drive from London to Alaska via Moscow might cover 12978 km.
4) Relatively isolated even by Alaska standards, no road connects Nome with the rest of the state highway system.
About 836 roadless kms separates Nome from Fairbanks (the closest major city)
5) From Fairbanks Canada and 48 contiguous US states can be reached by road.

If a road to Nome is built, a highway trip from London to New York will cover 20,777 km.

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