Crazy about travelling and adventure?? Want to do something and step out on the highway even if its for one day?? Well this one is particularly for all travel crazy folks out there. We bring to you six really cool one day road trips from Delhi.
All you would need is:
. Stashing some cash, nothing more than 4k
. A companion or mate
. A vehicle to commute with
. A heart craving for fun and adventure

1. Road Trip to Morni


Fact File:
Distance: 163 Kms
Time: 3 hours 30 minutes

The nearest hill station, Morni located in Haryana, just a few hours from Delhi, is an absolute delight! Verdant environment, dense forest cover, scenic views and a lake make it a perfect relaxing hideout away from the city bustle.

2. Road trip to Damdama Lake


Fact File:
Distance: 60 Kms
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes


Hailing from south and missing the vast expanses of water? With no beaches or waterfalls within your reach Delhi may seem to odd boring entity until you find the peaceful lakes (sans the over loaded hauz khas lake). Damdama Lake is such an alternative. It has ample of adventure and eco resorts in its vicinity, and makes a perfect destination for a one day getaway for anyone.


3. Road Trip to Murthal


Fact File:
Distance: 60 Kms
Time: 1 hour 15 Minutes

The first place that hits our mind when it comes to road trips around Delhi has to be Murthal! A long drive across the busy yet wide roads of Delhi, while the cool wind caresses you and the stomach is tempted for a gastronomic ride, you know your destination has to be Murthal. Indulge in the luscious butter loaded stuffed kulchas & parathas on the road side dhabas which are over 50 years old.

Dhabas to try:
Amrik Sukhdev da Dhaba
Gulshan da Dhaba

4. Road Trip to Neemrana Fort PalaceNeemrana-Fort-Alwar1

Fact File:
Distance: 120 Kms
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Well…Neemrana is one of the best romantic one day getaway from Delhi. Even if Valentine’s is not around and you two need some quality time together – Neemrana is the place for you! The drive on NH-8 is a pleasant one, however, in monsoons, it gets utterly romantic with lush vegetation on the rocky hills dotting the sides of the highway.
Give her a call, take a break from the city life and chill for a while.

5. Road Trip to Parwanoo


Fact File:
Distance: 270 Kms
Time: 6 hours


Though not so close to Delhi, but a road trip to the foothills of Himalayas is tempting enough for a visit to Parwanoo. A fascinating journey along the wide roads which lead to the lush green hills with a pleasant weather and scenic views is worth experiencing in the hot summers or the pre/post monsoon seasons.
Take a cable car ride at the Timber trail resort to the top of the hill and dine at their restaurant offering an ecstatic view of the valley. This is a perfect getaway with friends or your love!

6. Road Trip to the Taj


Fact File:
Distance: 202 Kms
Time: 3 hours 40 minutes


As the name says: this incredible road trip near Delhi on the newly built Yamuna Expressway leads to the city of Love – Agra. Grand roads, a glimpse to the F1 race tracks and some good music is all you need for this great drive. There have been many accidents on the expressway thus, be very careful with your speed limit.

But Taj is not the only reason you should be visiting this city. There are various outlets on the way serving refreshments and do not forget to try the famous – Agra ka petha on your trip. Also, for all the travelers who crave chatpata khana, try Bidaai and Jalebi available almost everywhere.


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