New Fad Among Japanese Women-Tying Ribbons Under Their Breast To Boost Cleavage

This one is bizarre and hilarious at the same time. History are the days when a few smartly and strategically-placed tissues was all you needed to give cleavage a boost – now Japanese women are using ribbons.

The fad involves women tying a blue ribbon under the breasts and in a loop over the arms, tying them at the back, so every time they lift their arms, their curves become more prominent.

The idea was inspired by a popular ‘anime’ cartoon character whose ribbon-bound arms and chest has become her signature. 

But bizarrely Hestia’s signature has taken off with girls next door and the fans of the show.

It has not only been picked up by cosplayers, who like to dress up as their favourite anime characters, but it has also been copied by ordinary girls who have been posting their own Hestia-inspired images online.

The trend has even extended to toys and collectable items, with some snaps showing dolls in a copycat costume, and even a Lego figure designed to look remarkably like the anime character.

While some women opt for a single loop around their chest and arms, others tie the ribbon once under their breasts and then around once again to rest on the upper arms to give cleavage a bigger boost when lifting their arms.

Japanese women tie ribbons under breasts to boost cleavage

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