While parents may struggle to use the latest in technology, toddlers have no such problem.

Researchers have analysed hundreds of videos of babies trying, and quickly mastering, technology.

They found half of toddlers can use an iPad when they are just one, with 90 per cent mastering the gadget by their second birthday.


The researchers admit they were stunned by the results.

The team of University of Iowa researchers set out to study more than 200 YouTube videos.

‘By age two, 90 percent of the children in the videos had a moderate ability to use a tablet,’ said Juan Pablo Hourcade, associate professor of computer science in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and lead author of the study.

‘Just over 50 percent of 12-to-17-month-old children in the videos had a moderate ability.’

Hundreds of YouTube videos showing babies trying, and quickly mastering the iPad were watched.

Their paper is published in the proceedings of the CHI 2015 conference, the most prestigious in the field of human-computer interaction.

In the paper they write that their goal was to ‘provide a window into how these children are using tablets through an analysis of relevant YouTube videos.’


One of the biggest differences they found is that when children turn one year old, they switch from using both hands and all their fingers to interact with the tablet to using an index finger—which is what adults do,’ he says.

He says he hopes that the study and others that follow will influence the development of apps that encourage interactive education for infants and toddlers.

The apps he envisions might be similar to the social and interactive-like children’s programs currently found on public television.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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