10 Things You Never Ever Say To Your Girl During Her Period

Period is that 4-5 days of every month when a girl puts up with the worse stomach cramps, PMS, bloated stomach and sometimes even excruciating back pain. Her mood has to go in for a toss for all obvious reasons right? Imagine she has an occasion that she has been waiting for, everything on the to-do list right from the little black dress to those hot stilettos is under check and just a night before the big day, BAMMM…mother nature takes its toll on her… It’s obvious that you will have to deal with a depressed, crazy, cranky and pissed soul. So for all the nice men she has in her life… here is the list of things you will never say to her when she is having her period:

1) “What’s wrong?”

Really?? do you need to ask that?? Obviously we are having our periods and it pains, makes us cranky and ohh! so bloated. We are just not very comfortable and that doesn’t mean you will keep asking what’s wrong. Just try and ’empathize’ with us.

2) “You look tired”

Hell yes! We don’t just look tired we are really tired…Bleeding buckets and those killer cramps accompanied with excruciating back ache is bound to show on our face.

3) “Let’s go party; it will make you feel better!”

whoa!! You must be crazy to think like that. With that bloated tummy and painful back, you expect us to wear fancy dresses and high heels? You are kidding right??
4) “Your stomach looks bloated”

Say what?? Did you just tell a woman she’s looking fat knowing she’s having her period. Instead of telling her she looks cute even in her pajamas and sloppy tee… did u just choose to say she looks fat?? Arrghhh….

5) “Pop a pill and chill”

We don’t believe in taking medicines for everything and this happens to us every month. Medicines are taken in cases of extreme health issues. So the next time u suggest we should pop a pill just remember that medicines have side effects too.

6) “Can you stop being cranky”

Wait and watch what happens once you say this. You will then know what being cranky actually means. Its just a matter of few days, bear with us no matter how much we piss you off!

7) “Are you not eating more than you usually do?”

Helloooo!! Do u know what bleeding for days in continuation means? Obviously we feel weak and low. We need food and the sugar rush to keep us on the go.

8) “NO!!!”

The thumb rule and rule of this game is not saying no when she is chumming. Wants ice cream and then salad just say yes!! Wants to discuss her blood flow, join in.. but just don’t say no!!

9) “I guess we should talk later, after your period is over”.

Wow!! did you just mean that when we have our period we lose rationality?? Admitted that the level of being crazy goes a level up but that no way means that we are not mentally fit to be talked to.

10) ” Sorry, but I am grossed out by the sight of blood.”

No way and no way will you ever say that to a woman. She doesn’t get her period by choice and this time of the month all she needs is your tender love and care. Trust us by saying this you will only rub her the wrong way.

P.s (Please men for a while please keep all your opinions to yourself..Go by what we said and you will thank us! )

Things You Never Ever Say To Your Girl During Her Period

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